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Log Horizon episode 9


Episode 9: Round Table Conference

“Today, approximately four hours ago, I purchased the Guild Building’s zone.” -Shiroe

The first half of this episode isn’t very interesting to me because I’m not very fond of watching serious discussions despite its importance. What got my attention was when Shiroe announced that he purchased the Guild Building. It was the point where he captured everyone’s attention. By purchasing the Guild Building, Shiroe could control who enters or leaves the building. This means that adventurers could not create, join or leave a guild. Also, guilds could not access their banks. The nickname ‘Villian in Glasses’ really isn’t merely for show.


I really like seeing the other guild masters’ faces when Shiroe announced this. Shiroe said it so calmly like it’s no big deal while the other guild masters were dumbfounded. It’s just like Shiroe to accomplish the usually impossible.

After that, the new players from Hamelin escape from the guild as part of Shiroe’s plan. However, Tohya and Minori face some difficulties, especially when the guild master could exit from the door. Then comes the best scene of the episode to me: Akatsuki arrives to the rescue! Assassins are awesome, especially those with tracker as a sub-class.

This has to be my favourite scene:


Akatsuki: My Lord? I’m sorry, but I missed one. His name is… Schreider. Just as his name suggests, his face looks like its been through a shredder.

Nice one, Akatsuki, nice one. You have proven your place as my favourite character.

 To sum up my thoughts on this episode, the second half really made it entertaining. Seeing Schreider get beaten up was great. Looks like the shredder guy finally got a taste of his own medicine. But it’s probably just the beginning of his punishment.

Watch Log Horizon episode 9 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-9-english-subbed/


Author: Gwenice Gwee

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2 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 9

  1. Akatsuki dealing with Schreider is delightful. Akatsuki is an assassin doing some vermin control. She simply knocks Schreider out of the way, then ignores him. He’s not worth beating up. He’s not worth talking to. He’s not worth getting excited about. She never speaks to him directly, even when he picks her up by her neck. She just calls in an routine update to the access control list, and he’s gone.

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