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Kyousougiga episode 7

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<Both Mother and Father Have Returned>

This episode is really heartwarming. It starts off with the return of Lady Koto and her reunion with her children. The happiest people appear to be Yase and Koto. Lady Koto goes on commenting on how her children have all grown up and that Kurama looks his years (I totally agree. Someone tell me why Kurama looks like some old man while his siblings are just young adults.)


I really like the scene of Lady Koto and Yase looking through the things Yase kept. Episode 4, which was about Yase, made me very emotional so I felt really happy for Yase that she was finally reunited with her mother.

Koto finally meeting her mother is the best scene of all to me. I’m really happy for Koto, since she finally got to meet the mother she’s heard about. How touching.

Everything is kind of nice and happy until Koto finally breaks down about how everyone expects things of her but will never answer her questions. It’s true. I feel bad for Koto. She’s just a girl who wants to know the truth about her parents but nobody will tell her. If someone will tell her she won’t have to barge in to the Mirror Capital to find out the truth. Then again if she knew everything, there won’t be an anime about this.

In the end, the Mirror Capital is getting destroyed, just like what happened in Lady Koto’s dream. Later, the characters realise that the cause of the destruction is Inari, the siblings’ father. Again, I want to know more about Inari. Like what happened to him when he left Mirror Capital with Lady Koto, how he became the bearer of the fox mask and its meaning, the birth of Koto, as well as how he became so young (Kyousougiga sure has a lot of weird age issues. Has it got to do with some sort of time-travelling?)

All in all, episode 7 is a good episode. The preview of episode 8 looks really interesting, with the arrival of the people from Shrine. I think it will reveal many things about how the worlds are interconnected, which is something I’m eager to know about.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 7 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-7-english-subbed/


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