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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 9

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“This is merely based on my personal deductions. You do not have to listen to me; I cannot make you do this. However, I am going to say this because I believe it is for the best. Kuriyama-san, the moment you find Akihito-kun, kill him.”

-Nase Izumi

This episode starts with plenty of action. First, there’s Hiromi and Mitsuki defeating a youmu together (I bet Hiromi was extremely happy about that). Next, there’s Izumi and Fujima’s fight which was really cool. However, their fight was interrupted by Akihito’s consciousness.

It’s saddening how Mirai is told to kill Akihito once she finds him. The Calm has distrupted Akihito’s balance between his human and youmu sides, leaving him very vulnerable. If the Calm ends with Akihito in this condition, his youmu side will suppress his human side. Therefore, Akihito will no longer be a half-youmu, but an actual youmu. Mirai is comforted by Sakura, again showing how Sakura really cares for Mirai.

Mirai isn’t the only one uneasy about the plan. Mitsuki and Hiromi are the same. Later, Hiromi confronts his older sister about how she’s manipulating Mirai into killing Akihito, and that he suspects her of making a frozen barrier to weaken Akihito’s human half. I agree with his point. In fact Izumi did make some sort of barrier when Akihito was on the train. I really wonder what her goals are, and who she always reports to. She claims that she’s doing everything for the Nase family, but there’s definitely something else she still isn’t telling.

“If this is what was waiting for me, I wish I had never met Senpai.”

I bet it really pains Mirai to say that. She’s put in the worst position in this episode.

When Hiromi breaks through the barrier and enters the room his sister locked, he finds out the truth about why Izumi wanted Akihito to be killed. It turns out that the actual key to  Kyoukai no Kanata is a powerful youmu and Akihito fits that description. Hence, Akihito might bring the world to destruction. Fujima enters and steals the Hollow Shadow’s youmu stone. (Man, that guy just has to come huh?)

As for the end of the episode, Mirai takes off her glasses before attacking Akihito. I feel that she can’t bear to kill Akihito so she doesn’t want to be able to see him clearly.

This image sums up everything about how I feel about this episode. In the preview, Izumi mentions Akihito passing away. My house will be flooding with my tears next week if that’s true.


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