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Kimi ni Todoke


After a great deal of procrastination, I finally watched and finished Kimi ni Todoke. I now understand why so many people like this anime. In the beginning, I felt that the pace was too slow, so I stopped after a few episodes. But it was just me, since I was more into fast-paced animes at the time. But after taking a break from dark, confusing storylines to watching Kimi ni Todoke, I started to like it.

Kimi ni Todoke is unlike other shoujo animes. The main character, Kuronuma Sawako, stood out among other main shoujo characters. Sawako’s background was interesting, like how she got her nickname “Sadako” when one of her kindergarten classmates accidentally called her that. Since then, all her schoolmates have been calling her that, with rumours spreading that “Sadako” could see ghosts and many more.

The story is about how Sawako’s life changed when she met Kazehaya Shouta on her way to school for the entrance ceremony. Later, they became classmates. To her delight, Sawako made friends but at first she wasn’t sure if it was counted as friendship since she had been alone for a long time. Rumours began to spread about Sawako and her friends. Her friends, Yoshida Chizuru and Yano Ayane misheard a conversation and thought that Sawako didn’t want to be their friend. However, after being encouraged by Kazehaya, Sawako had the courage to confront the people who were spreading rumours. Chizuru and Ayane came up to protect her from the bullies, then their friendship was confirmed.

After that, the story was focused on Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings towards each other (It’s cute how they keep blushing awww). A new rival named Kurumi arrived, I hated Kurumi when I first saw her since she seemed to be causing a lot of trouble for Sawako (I always support the main characters!) Sawako, on the other hand, always thought that they were friends. My favourite scene of all in Kimi ni Todoke has to be when Kurumi got rejected by Pin, who she didn’t even like in the first place, and the conversation was overheard by Kazehaya (much to Kurumi’s embarrassment when Kazehaya told her he wouldn’t tell anyone). Poor Kurumi. I really pitied her that time. It’s the worst situation you can ever be in.

Chizuru is my favourite character. She’s known for being a delinquent back in her middle school, but she’s not as mean as everyone thought. In fact, she can be a big crybaby at times. The funniest thing about her is how dense she is. As for Ayane, she’s like a big sister to Sawako and Chizuru. She’s the one who understands Sawako and Chizuru’s feelings. They add to the fun and comedy of Kimi ni Todoke.

I think that Sawako and Kazehaya make a cute couple. I’m also looking forward to seeing Chizuru and Ryu get together. They make a very interesting couple!

I’ll start with Season 2 soon. And to those who like sweet, school life romance animes, Kimi ni Todoke is one you shouldn’t miss!


Author: Gwenice Gwee

www.thechaserofdreams.wordpress.com Chaser of dreams, epitome of oxymorons

4 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke

  1. In my opinion, this anime is more of a comedy than a romance anime… but i like it though..

  2. Agree with the previous comment, though the romance was nice, I enjoy the comedy & friendship more in this anime. 😀

    For the romance I found ChizuRyu story more interesting (esp at the later part of the manga!). I hope they’ll make the season 3. Haven’t start the 2nd one, but from what I read, it (the 2nd) seems ended before covering the very interesting progress of them (CxR). 🙂

    • Maybe one day I’ll edit this post and write more about the comedy and friendship in Kimi ni Todoke. I feel that ChizuRyu is more interesting too! I haven’t had the time to watch season 2 yet but I hope I’ll get the chance to watch it soon. If it ends before covering CxR, that’s a shame though. I was looking forward to that part.

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