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Kyousougiga episode 6

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Kyousougiga is getting more exciting with each episode. In episode 6, my questions about Yakushimaru/Myoue’s addition to the family have been answered. Before this episode, I only knew that Kurama and Yase came from drawings and that Myoue was human, but I didn’t know why. I liked the backstory about Myoue’s past. Also, Kyousougiga sure likes to repeat scenes. In episode 5 and 6, I have witnessed young Myoue stabbing himself way too many times, and I have been winced every time I witnessed it.

ibqtZOL.jpg (1920×1080)

What a thing to say when you suddenly bring a young boy’s corpse home.

I like how this episode covered how Myoue slowly started accepting his new parents, as well as how the siblings interacted when one another in the past. I’ve got another question though. Why is it that grown-up Myoue look so similar to his new father even though they’re not related?

Anyway, when I started watching this anime recently, I watched episode 0 because I thought it was the proper beginning of the anime. Episode 0 made me very interested in Kyousougiga but also very confused about the plot. Characters were showing up out of nowhere and the plot was going very fast. Later on, I found out that episode 0 is actually the OVA. So for those who haven’t watched Kyousougiga yet, just start off with episode 1.

Back to episode 6, it has similarities with episode 0, but some differences too. Has anyone noticed the difference between Lady Koto’s return in the 2 episodes?


This episode also clears up my doubts about Koto’s teacher. So he is actually both Koto’s father and teacher. No wonder they look alike. But I definitely agree with Myoue’s comment that Koto’s father looks too young. He looks more like Koto’s older brother to me. I really want to know more about Koto’s father. He’s a really interesting and mysterious character. I feel that he’s got something more to do with the Mirror Capital. And those red eyes… could he be?

I’m really enjoying Kyousougiga. The animation is awesome, and plot is great and the characters are unique. I’m eagerly looking forward to episode 7!

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