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Log Horizon episode 8

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Episode 8: Villian in Glasses

This episode is mostly about negotiations between Crescent Moon Alliance with other guilds to get more ingredients and investments for the operation. In other words, it’s part two of Shiroe’s plans. I really like how Shiroe’s plan is being revealed. In this episode, more guilds are getting into the picture, so there are more people getting involved with the operation to improve Akihabara.

The episode started off with Marielle and Henrietta discussing about the purchase of ingredients from Karashin, guild master of Shopping Street 8. Later on, the same offer was extended to the Marine Agency and Roderic Merchant Guild. Marielle and Henrietta revealed that Shiroe was the man in charge of their operation. This caught the attention of the three guild masters. Shiroe was apparently famously known as the “Villian in Glasses”. Henrietta requested 5 million gold from the three guild masters, who thought that this was for a new quest made during the expansion of the Novasphere Pioneers. Since the three guilds were all eyeing the possible profits of the operation, they each agreed to contribute 1.5 million gold.

This episode also talked about what happened to the twins, Minori and Tohya, when they first arrived at the world of Elder Tale. Shiroe contacted Minori to inform her that the next part of his plan would take place the next day.

This episode isn’t exactly exciting. That’s not a bad thing. I would say it’s just preparing viewers for what’s really going to happen. It’s like a small but important step in the operation. What I did like was the part during the negotiations when the characters’ thoughts are shown (especially Henrietta’s like in the picture above). It made the negotiations more interesting. Getting to see Crescent Moon Alliance being slightly cunning about the operation is a nice change. Also, all of the guild masters that appeared in this episode seem to be really interested in Shiroe. I really wonder how the Tea Party was like! I hope more will be revealed about this legendary party.

The next episode involves a conference with many guilds. I’m looking forward to part three of Shiroe’s plans next week! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and the twins can be saved.

Watch Log Horizon episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-8-english-subbed/


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