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Log Horizon episodes 1-3

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Log Horizon is about how gamers playing MMORPG Elder Tale were trapped in the world of Elder Tale when an expansion, Novasphere Pioneers, was made to the game. The main character is Shiroe, also known as “Shiroe the Strategist”. Shiroe teams up with guardian player Naotsugu and and assassin Akatsuki.

Episode 1: The Apocalypse

My first impression of Log Horizon is that it is similar to Sword Art Online. However, this is inevitable as SAO is a popular anime with a game concept. However, I think that the characters are very interesting, making them more distinct. I have a thing for assassins so my favourite character for now has to Akatsuki.

Episode 2: The Battle of Loka

Episode 2 talks more about the ways of Elder Tale. Shiroe and his party defeats a group of PKing players. Later, the Crescent Moon Alliance requests for Shiroe to take care of the guild while the guild sends a party to search for their member, Serara, in Susukino. At the end of the episode, Shiroe and Naotsugu summons their Griffons. (I wish I had one of those 😉 )

Episode 3: The Depths of Palm

The most interesting thing about this episode is the revelation that Akatsuki was the same age of Shiroe. This results in Naotsugu getting kicked by Akatsuki again for calling her a kid. After defeating a giant rat monster underground, they were met with a breathtaking view.

Later, at Susuhiro, a player called Demikas was introduced as a guild master of a guild, Brigandia, that is involved in PKing. This guild prevents people from leaving Susuhiro. Demikas is also orders his men to find Serara and the cat-man who is taking care of her.

To sum up, I think that Log Horizon has a great concept and the pace is fine for now. What I really like about Elder Tale is that players can choose from various subclasses which is really cool. That rounds up my thoughts about Log Horizon episodes 1-3.

Watch Log Horizon at http://www.animeultima.tv/watch/log-horizon-english-subbed-dubbed-online/

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