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Fairy Tail X Rave Master

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I’ve read the manga version as well as watched the anime version. The anime version is an extended version with more characters involved. Here are some of my favourite scenes:

You don’t mess with Erza XD

So it turns out that the person who was rampaging around in the casino wasn’t Ellie but Erza.

Um… you got it wrong, Juvia.

I like the interactions between the Fairy Tail and Rave Master characters, and how they show how similar they are. The speaking slot machine was a weird idea, but all in all, I liked how it gave the opportunity for the Fairy Tail and Rave Masters to fight together. If you’re looking for something funny, I recommend that you watch this OVA.

Link to anime version: http://www.animeultima.tv/fairy-tail-x-rave-episode-1-english-subbed/

Manga version: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/fairy_tail_x_rave/


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